Martin Crosthwaite is a multiple award winning, international Tattooist with over 20 years experience currently working from Flaming Gun Tattoo Studio in Colchester, Essex, England.

Martin served his Tattoo apprenticeship under Mark "Lofty" Sutcliffe at Inkskin's Tattoo Studio at 19 years old; where he learned the finer points of the trade and how to make tea for ten!

Martin opened Flesh Scribe studio in early 2005 but an offer from Julie and Kai at Flaming Gun lead to the decision to join forces in 2007. Whilst working with Flaming Gun at the 2007 Colchester Tattoo Extravaganza Martin won his first award for tattooing and has gone on to collect others since. Martin has also been a judge for tattoo competitions at prestigious Tattoo Conventions in the UK.

Since starting to tattoo Martin has continued to study long and hard in all aspects of the craft to constantly improve both his knowledge of tattooing and the service he offers to clients. Martin's tattoo work has been featured in many UK and international magazines; from the best in the UK to Hotrod periodicals in New Zealand!

Martin remained the only British member of the ShopTalk collective, a group of American and Canadian Tattooists that released "ShopTalk Sketchbook Volume 1" in 2007. Martin remains in contact with many of the original members and counts them among his closest peers. Martin is also a proud member of the Bristol Tattoo Club (established in 1953), the British Tattoo Artist Federation and the Needle Gangstas group (founded in 1993).

Outside of Tattooing Martin has also provided his artistic skills in Graphic Design creating various advertising designs including the T-Shirt designs for a charity organisation (The Condom Rally) for over 20 consecutive years, Flaming Gun T-shirts/ advertising and also ran the Flaming Gun website for almost 10 years. Martin paints, sculpts and doodles and even manages to find the time to torture musical instruments once in a while. Martin builds bespoke guitar pedals once in a while and sells them under the KVNT banner along with other musically themed items.

Martin is also a keen amateur Magician and a competent moustache tamer.

To get tattoo work from Martin please contact him through Flaming Gun Tattoo Studio: We can only accurately quote in person (and generally with clear reference material). Please print out any reference and bring it along with a cash deposit to:

Flaming Gun Tattoo Studio, 16 Church Walk, Colchester, Essex, CO1 1NS.

Telephone: (01206) 575705

Flaming Gun is open Tuesday to Saturday 10.30am-5.30pm (Saturday closing at 5pm).

Portrait and realism work requires really clear images in a larger scale. It's worth printing your reference in a high resolution on photographic paper.

For your appointment you'll need to wear clothing that allows easy access to the area being Tattooed. Avoid tight clothing if you can.


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